Fresh From the Farm


We reckon our McLean’s Run hens have got it pretty good.


Nowadays it seems everyone wants to go back to a simpler time. At McLean's Run we've always known the best way to run our farms was to give our hens plenty of good food, fresh air, space and sunshine.

Our free range hens are free to roam outside for at least 8 hours a day, in a spacious paddock, with only 1500 hens per hectare - that's one hen per 6m2 when outdoors! By day they enjoy fresh country air and are free to roam outside and do all the things that hens naturally do.

When the sun sets they sleep comfortably in their cosy barns safe from predators. All McLean's Run hens are fed a high quality, nutritious diet developed by vets and have easy access to fresh water.

Photos of a hen and windmill next to a road